Advanced Technology Marine Gravity System

DgS's Marine Gravity Sensor is based on the same Advanced Technology sensor and platform as our Airborne gravity system. Our Marine gravity solution utilizes a similar custom data-display and data collection interface, for easy, robust, and reliable operation.

Gravity Range/Specific ForceFull World-Wide Range (20,000 mGals)
Dynamic Range+/- 0.5g
Sensor TypeFull-feedback Zero-Length Spring
Resolution0.01 milliGals (mGals)
Static Repeatability0.03 mGals
Dynamic Repeatability0.25 mGal @ 50,00 mGal horizontal
0.50 mGal @ 100,000 mGal horizontal
0.50 mGal @ 100,000 mGal vertical
Platform ControlHigh performance Fiber Optic Gyros
High precision accelerometers
Platform PeriodAdjustable - 4 Minutes/8 Minutes/INS Aided
INS Platform ControlIntegrated
Data and GPS Recording Frequency10Hz
Dimensions (approximate)71(l) x 56(w) x 84(h) cm
28(l) x 22(w) x 33(h) inches
Weight (approximate) 80kg / 177lbs
+25kg / +55lbs with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Power ConsumptionAvg: 60 Watts
Max: 150 Watts
Input: 80-265 VAC

Advanced Technology Marine Gravity SensorAT1M Sensor
Side view of Marine frame/platform and sensor.Marine Frame/Platform
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