Worldwide Gravity

Full feedback, worldwide-range gravity meters - for airborne, marine, and land survey applications.

Dynamic Gravity Systems specializes in the manufacture, repair, and servicing of marine and airborne gravity meters. We make advanced technology gravity meters using a full feedback, zero-length spring sensor, which requires no spring tension motor and is more responsive and accurate across the full worldwide range and the dynamic motions experienced in aircraft and ships.

We also repair air damped gravity meters manufactured by Lacoste and Romberg (Seasys and AirSeaII), ZLS (Ultrasys) and Micro-g Lacoste (AirSeaII) as well as the magnetically damped marine meter and Turnkey Airborne Gravity System (TAGS) made by Micro-g Lacoste.


Airborne Gravity

DgS manufactures a complete airborne gravity survey system, offering world-wide range, magnetically damped zero-length spring sensors with optional IMU integration.


Marine Gravity

DgS manufactures advanced technology Marine gravity sensors and platforms, with world-wide range, magnetically damped sensors with force-feedback beam measurement technology, eliminating the need for a counter-spring.


Land Gravity

Coming Soon: Dynamic Gravity systems presents its forthcoming line of land gravity sensors based on a zero-length spring with our advanced force-feedback technology in a man-portable form factor.