Dynamic Gravity Systems offers a variety of repair, upgrade, and training services. We can perform repairs on our own products, as well as Microg-Lacoste TAGS systems, either at our location, or on-site at yours.

We also offer upgraded Control Modules for TAGS systems, with upgrade electronics and control software, which are drop-in replacements for the original control modules.


DgS can perform upgrades on your existing Microg-Lacoste TAGS systems, ranging from electronic-component upgrades, to full system upgrades with new force-feedback systems, damping, and platform upgrades.

We can upgrade either air or magnetically damped systems.

Servicing Options
  • Factory equivalent service of air-damped or magnetically damped sensors.
  • Factory equivalent service and testing on motion tables and calibration range.
Field Service
  • We can also conduct field servicing of sensors and systems at your location. Including system maintenance checks and field calibration of sensor, servicing of gimbal and platform controller, and system software updates.
Repair Services

DgS can perform repairs for all of our own products, either at our location, or yours - worldwide.

We can also perform repairs for Microg-Lacoste TAGS meters, and can also perform field diagnosis/replacements at your site.

Training and Testing

We can conduct training on installation, operation, maintenance, and data processing for marine and airborne gravity systems manufactured by Lacoste and Romberg, and Micro-g Lacoste.