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Dynamic Gravity Systems ofrece una variedad de servicios de reparación, actualización y capacitación. Podemos realizar reparaciones y actualizaciones en medidores de gravedad de muelle de longitud cero de Micro-g Lacoste (MgL) y ZLS.

Servicing & Calibration

DgS offers a variety of sensor servicing and calibration services, which can be tailored to your needs, and conducted at our offices, or at your location.


DgS offers a range of training services, we can conduct training on the installation and operation of all of our Advanced Technology Gravity Meters, as well as training on the operation and maintenance of gravity systems manufactured by Lacoste and Romberg, and Micro-g Lacoste.

System Repairs

DgS can offer repair and upgrade services on Micro-g Lacoste (MgL) AirSeaII systems, both air-damped and magnetically damped.
We also manufacture and sell new control modules for MgL AirSeaII systems which can be field-swapped in place of the original systems. These modules have vastly updated and more robust computer data acquisition systems, as well as an updated software interface.

System Upgrades

DgS can upgrade your existing Micro-g Lacoste SeaSys, AirSeaII, and ZLS systems to our new range of Advanced Technology Airborne or Marine systems. The upgrade can be customized to your operational needs and budget.